Slow Motion Tours

Slow Motion Tours develops alternative touristic tours and programs with the aim of providing a different way to get to know and get involved into the local realities. Our main focus is in allowing our participants to get to know the local reality in a deep and significant way instead of “entertaining” “passing by” tourists

So our tours are not conventional touristic tours. They are focused on social, ecological and cultural aspects, in spite of the fact that history is always a very relevant element.

Therefore we guide participants through the less well known side of Porto. Old rural farms, abandoned ancient houses, city gardens, sublime panoramic views… and a lot, lot more. Above all, a Tour that for sure will surprise you at each step.


Slow Motion Tours is developed by Casa da Horta – Cultural Association, a non-hierarquical, a non-profit alternative association/spot based in Oporto Historical Centre and by Terramote351 Project, an independent cultural project based on the development of alternative tourism and social education.


Slow Motion Tours – Program September

Normally Slow Motion Tours take place on Fridays afternoon. Each month we change our Circuits visiting different geographical areas.


Fridays, at 15.15pm

– Slow Motion Tour 7 – Trought “Cedofeita” secrets

…  – Traditional Shops and Markets of Porto (the already disappeared and the few still remaining)


Meeting point: In “Praça Carlos Alberto”, by the First World War soldier statue,+Porto/@41.1486773,-8.6177049,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xd2464e2a9a02dc9:0x1a89171502ca5102!8m2!3d41.1486773!4d-8.6155162


Important information about the tour:

Difficulty: accessible

Time: around 2h30

Logistics: take comfortable clothing adaptable to the climate circumstances of the day.

Participation fee: with the amount that you feel “Fair” in the end of the circuit (open contribution in consideration of the fact that all the money is used to support local non-profit projects/organisations and also in the development of the project it self)

Lunch: before the Tour it´s possible to have lunch in “Casa da Horta – Cultural Association”, so you are welcomed if you want to join us and perhaps discuss a bit more about some of the aspects that we will observed during the tour and also to get to know each others a bit better.

Other Reservations: It´s possible, if booked in advanced, to book private Eco-Social Tour with Slow Motion Tours. Contact us.


How to apply:

Book your tour sending your personal information to:


or by mobile phone:

(+351) 93 447 6236 (PJP)


or in Casa da Horta


Information on the web:

facebook event:


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Slow Motion Tours





Note: Slow Motion Tours is a project with a really informal nature, so it’s an activity that it is not covered by any type of insurance, the participants are responsible for anything that happens, or, depending on the perspective, the destiny is… ;O) The contribution is destined to support the various organization costs and to support the project development.

Spread the word: we appreciate all the possible and positive (of course) share of our project trough your contacts, it´s our most precious way of “publicity”, Muito obrigado ;O)